X-Jet Nozzles

The X-JET Nozzle Saves You Time And Money

This amazing nozzle injects and proportions soaps, chemicals or other liquids at high pressure or low pressure without going through your pump, hose, or gun. and projects the chemicals or other liquids to vertical heights of 40 feet or more, depending on your pressure washer specs. It can be used with virtually any pressure washer, hot or cold, from 1000psi to 6000psi.

Chemicals do not go through the pump, hose reels, hose, gun, lance, or quick connect fittings and therefore significantly extend the life of these components. Saves as much as 50 to 70 percent in labor, and materials!. Proportions the water to chemical ratio to eliminate chemical waste. Decreases accidents by keeping the operator on the ground, reducing workman compensation claims. The X-JET NOZZLE can be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of the original tool.

Applications For This Amazing Tool

  • Wash and remove mold, dirt and mildew from houses, buildings, water tanks, silos, roof tops, and high structures without using ladders, scaffolding, or a telescoping wand.
  • Sterilization of housing areas for poultry, hog, cattle and other agricultural needs.
  • Caustic spraying that requires using strong and harsh chemicals that destroy pressure washing equipment
  • Dispensing proportion insecticides such as orchard and garden spraying.
  • Degreasing of heavy equipment using high pressure soaping without going through the pressure washer pump

Users Of X-Jet